No Pixel Day : Digital Design Class 25

No Pixel Day — Tools of the Day

2D Graphics 5: Experimental Classes is such a fun class to teach. It allows students to explore ways to improve their design process. I set up the class by stressing the importance of working designers maintaining a personal practice without limitations, and of including an experimental component into their creative process. 
The class also encourages designers to take risks, to “make something ugly” for the sake of innovation, as well as to fail often and salvage beauty from the mistakes.

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Draw By Night #29 : Memory Theatre

Draw By Night 29 — Memory Theatre Poster

The title of this Draw By Night party seems so very fitting: Memory Theatre — for what I saw shall be burned into my mind forever. And it’s a good burn. The work of Cian Donnelly is rich with nightmare and ghoulish lyricism, which was revealed in full living colour at our last party. The theme was based on Giulio Camillo and his notion of a “Theatre of Memory.” Throughout the evening the 80+ participants wrote and drew responding to the notion of Memory Theatre while watching Banjorstring (Cian Donnelly’s alter ego) dance and sing in front of us. The following is the recorded live feed direct from Donnelly’s studio in Rome, Italy.
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Mark Raham Q&A Session At VFS Digital Design

Digital Design's Q&A with Vancouver Canucks' Creative Director Mark Raham

Mark Raham has been very generous with his time when it comes to helping VFS Digital Design students understand the importance of bringing a brand to life, and this time was no exception — especially since it was on a game night during a very tense playoff round with the San Jose Sharks when he showed up to our Main Theater for a Questions and Answers session about his role in developing Layered Experiences as Creative Director for the Vancouver Canucks. We were particularly grateful on this evening for his commitment to mentorship , given that he was previewing the 3rd of his preshow projection mapping presentations that night (normally he does three of them over a regular season of about 3 minutes in length, and this was a short season)  — at an extended 6 minutes!

Mark Raham presents the heart of his Layered Experiences strategy
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Hello My Name Is Ricard Adrianza

Hello My Name Is Ricard Adrianza

The VFS Digital Design Program is pleased to welcome our new 2D Graphics instructor Ricard Adrianza.

Ricard Adrianza was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He has a degree in Social Communication with a major in Advertising and Public Relation. For the past seven years he has been running his own design studio, working for brands such as Bodegas Pomar, Redbull, Converse, William Grant & Sons and PepsiCo.

Besides design, Ricard is also a passionate musician. He has worked as an independent music artist composing and creating sound effects for TV, radio and video games. You can hear some of his creations in titles like ER Mania, Killer Whale, and Lt Fly I & II from Teravision Games.

Since completing his education in the VFS Digital Design Program, Ricard has been working as an interactive designer in Vancouver’s game industry and he is eager to share his experience with the students.

Hello My Name Is David Olsson

Hello My Name Is David Olsson

David Olsson is our new Interface and Coding instructor in the Digital Design program, coming to VFS with more than 18 years of innovating, designing, leading and building software that has mattered across a number of verticals and industries. From being an educator to a serial entrepreneur to working with thought leaders in media, market research and content industries, David has continually worked on the leading edge of what is recently possible and evidently meaningful.

David Olsson is currently a Managing Partner and Principal of Innovation at Ethical UX, a design firm that works with progressive companies that want to build sophisticated and industry defining digital experiences, with a focus on market driven software with a societal impact.

When not teaching and driving the business development and strategy at Ethical UX, David creates industry defining digital culinary experiences such as, spins new media platters at, and mashes up new web technologies for $#%ts n giggles; follow him drip feeding some tweets at @sodanovels.