Digital Design Summer Intensive, Mexico

Still from Student's work at VFS Mexico Summer Intensives

Digital Design Summer Intensive is a one week event where the students can experience communication, interactive, and motion design.The VFS Digital Design Summer Intensive starts today (July 16 – July 20) and OOMPH will be posting about it while it’s happening, but if you would like an idea about how the event worked in a different context, have a look at this video about the Summer Intensive in Mexico. Motion Director from Kultnation (and VFS Digital Design Instructor), Vinny Morales, was there for the experience, which he said was intense, but also a lot of fun — You can tell by the work they produced!

Hasan Habib’s VFS Grad Project Used for Husaini Blood Bank’s New Identity

Hasan Habib

Congratulations to VFS Digital Design grad, Hasan Habib, who is proud to announce that his Graduate Project (as well as the Motion Graphic piece) has been used by Husaini Blood Bank for their new Identity!

Hasan told us all about his Creative Process for the project:

“For my Graduation Project, I decided to create a 360 campaign for Husaini Blood Bank, one of the largest blood banks in Pakistan. I pursued this project because I believe that Husaini Blood Bank has an opportunity to be a more powerful brand through a new identity.”

Banner for Husaini Blood Bank

“Working for a real client for my Graduation Project, was a great experience. It allowed me to perform as if I were already working in the industry. I loved the hands-on experience of interacting with the client, conducting surveys and interviews, performing market research, and several swot analyses. I put this campaign together with the help and direction of my mentor Ben Garfinkel, without whom the project would not have reached its maximum potential.”

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2013 Miles Nurse Scholarship Call for Entries

Miles Nurse Scholarship Banner

VFS is once again looking for qualified applicants for the Miles Nurse Digital Design Scholarship! This scholarship was created to acknowledge Miles Nurse, the Head of Digital Design, in honour of his ongoing contribution to the world of design and his tremendous efforts to help educate a new generation of designers.

The scholarship, worth $2,500, is awarded each year to a new student from the January intake of the Digital Design program. The successful candidate is an individual who demonstrates a strong interest and passion for user experience, interactive design, problem solving, and storytelling.

The scholarship is open to all incoming students registered for Digital Design starting January 2, 2013, provided they have not previously taken any professional program at Vancouver Film School, are in good academic standing, and have not had professional industry experience in the field of Digital Design.

The 2012 winner was Ryan Ali, who spoke with OOMPH about his VFS Digital Design experience back in April of this year. And if you want to read more about other previous recipients of the award, including Arcelia Ocana Manjarrez and Jane Haezer Saputra, have a look at this post.

The deadline to apply for the Miles Nurse Scholarship has been extended to 16:30 PST November 15, 2012. Download the application form (pdf) or speak to an advisor today to learn more.

Blast Radius co-founder & VFS alumnus Gary Stuart talks about his inspiration

Gary Stuart co-founder of Blast Radius

VFS alumnus, Gary Stuart, co-founder of Blast Radius, recently met with us to talk about his time here at VFS Digital Design (back when it was called New Media).

He tells us, “I really enjoyed my time with the program. Not just because of the tools, the instruction and the subject matter, but because of the people I was in class with. Everyone was hungry. Everyone was passionate. It was not just an opportunity to create — it was an opportunity to collaborate.”

He also lets us in on what inspired him and fellow VFS students, Francis ChanLee Feldman and Gurval Caer to found the Vancouver agency, and just where the name Blast Radius came from.

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