Malaria by Edson Oda – Completely Still

Malaria Screenshot

I know you all may be thinking that this post is about a very serious disease, so let me shine a little light on the situation. Edson Oda from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has caught my attention because of his very creative illustrations. I first discovered him on Vimeo a while back during my break between taking the VFS Foundation and Digital Design programs. His work is absolutely brilliant — using still images to portray such a fine movie. It’s Tarantino-esque.
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Blast Radius co-founder & VFS alumnus Gary Stuart talks about his inspiration

Gary Stuart co-founder of Blast Radius

VFS alumnus, Gary Stuart, co-founder of Blast Radius, recently met with us to talk about his time here at VFS Digital Design (back when it was called New Media).

He tells us, “I really enjoyed my time with the program. Not just because of the tools, the instruction and the subject matter, but because of the people I was in class with. Everyone was hungry. Everyone was passionate. It was not just an opportunity to create — it was an opportunity to collaborate.”

He also lets us in on what inspired him and fellow VFS students, Francis ChanLee Feldman and Gurval Caer to found the Vancouver agency, and just where the name Blast Radius came from.

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