Packaging Projects by Class 30

We’re proud to share some recent packaging design projects by Class 30. They were completed for a course taught by Vida Jurcic, who guided the students through the entire design process. She covered branding principles, copy requirements, regulations, and guidelines for preparing files for printing. The results are stunning.

Descent by J.Y Lum


Teaesta by Jordan Barber

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Packaging projects

Check out these recent communication design projects by Class 27. They were completed for a Packaging course taught by Vida Jurcic, who guided the students through the entire design process. It is a collection of whimsical and sinfully delicious designs intended to attract attention on store shelves.

Rosquias artisan biscuits by Alejandra Porta

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Elegant Packaging

Digital Design students continue to impress with their charming and elegant packaging designs. The Packaging course is taught by Vida Jurcic, Principal & Co-founder of Hangar 18 Creative Group. The students build on their knowledge of branding gained from earlier terms, and are guided through a formalized process of designing a package, starting from the conceptualization stages, through integrating logo design and establishing the hierarchy of information, to building a prototype of the finished package. They gain the skills to create a product package that will stand out on a shelf. Have a look at the results from Class 24.

The Glowing Stars’ Innovative Album Design

Everyone knows that record sales are pretty stagnant these days. People are no longer buying hard-copies of their favorite albums and are instead resorting to downloading them (sometimes illegally) online. The whole notion of having a collection of records or CDs to sort through and organize is almost nonexistent in the days of iTunes. However, self-proclaimed “8-bit Indie Rock” group, The Glowing Stars have found a way to bring the past to the present and breathe new life into the hardcopy album. Pictured above is their packaging design for their latest album, Anything Past That. Using old Gameboy cartridges and 2GB USB flash drives, these hardcopies contain The Glowing Stars music, photos, videos and other bonus material. I love this kind of innovative design. The nostalgia of the Gameboy cartridge alone makes me want to order a copy.

Nikolay Verin’s Iconography

Comic Bunch Icon

There is an area of design that I have always found very interesting, but it never seems to get the attention it deserves: I’m talking about the design of icons for apps. Currently, with the growth of mobile applications, this branch of design has the potential for much development. The icon is like the “packaging” of the application, it is the first image that the user has access to. I have already downloaded several apps just because the icon caught my attention and made me wonder what the application had to offer me.
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