Who Am I As A Designer?

Hip Hop Designer

I first got involved in the Hip Hop “Kulture” in Beirut, my hometown, where young people needed an output for their excess of energy, away from guns and bombs, an output that speaks the truth no matter how hard it is. So I designed words, I designed images in poetry, images that made sense for my people; words that made them nod with acknowledgment. But then I had to move out of my home country and uproot myself, to try to find a more solid ground to grow, so I came to Canada.

I started my education to be a designer at the Vancouver Film School about a year and a half ago, when I got enrolled in the Foundation Visual Art & Design program, which made me even more conscious that I have too much to say to the world, and sound is not the only medium. I’m currently enrolled in the Digital Design program, where I’m having a wonderful experience trying to express myself with Typography and Motion Design and illustration, wrapped in colors and words. It’s beautiful.

Digital Design Talks : Coast to Coast

Digital Design Talks May 22 : Coast to Coast

On Wednesday May 23, 2013 VFS Digital Design presented another in its series, Digital Design Talks, featuring current and past students, as well as key industry representatives of the Design field. The theme for Wednesday’s talk was Coast to Coast. The two guest speakers, who presented to students from all the current classes, were Arm Sattavorn and Marcos “Boca” Ceravolo. Arm is a current student in the program (Class 26) and Boca, who just happened to be in town visiting from São Paulo, Brazil, is a graduate of the Digital Design program (Class 7) and now Partner / Head of Design of the São Paulo based creative powerhouse Consulado.tv.

Digital Design’s Head of Department Miles Nurse introduced the evening and the first speaker, current student Arm Sattavorn.

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Design Balance

I was laying in bed the other day when for no reason at all, a very strange thought came to my head: If Superman was 8 ft tall, he would be hated by all.

“That’s ridiculous!” I questioned my mind . . . but my brain persisted — If Superman was 8 feet tall, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb his entire adolescence. His height couldn’t have been hid behind clothing or glasses and everyone would’ve been able to see him for the super-sized, super powerful alien that he really was. He would have faced constant discrimination, and that would’ve most likely turned him bitter and resentful of the whole human race.
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