Typography Flipbook

On a little web-wander the other day we stumbled on a posting by one of our current students. Estefania, who comes to us from Mexico and goes by the nickname Fanny created this flipbook as a project for the Typography course in Term 2. Fanny decided to focus Chaparrol Pro for her submission. I’m sure having to draw and redraw the characters by hand throughout the book gave her a new appreciation for the font. And maybe a new understanding of the challenges in creating a good flipbook.

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Seeding Ideas in Berlin – Part 2

I just recently attended the conference, Typo Berlin, to recharge my creative batteries. It’s always amazing what you can absorb and learn in a few days at a conference, it’s as if the act of sitting and really listening allows the information to infiltrate and sink in.

Typo Berlin's Incredible on-site bookstore

The theme of the conference is “shift”, and most of the speakers are weaving this notion through their presentations. From shifting in media, to print segueing tablet, to shifting disciplines, each story is interesting and can be thought about when it comes to my own or our own situations. The conference organizers will shortly have podcasts available of the main hall speakers, they are available to view at http://www.typoberlin.de/video. I won’t go into detail about what each of them spoke about, but rather I will give you my top inspirations.

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Digital Design Students Embrace Print

Digital Design students work with the latest visual technology, but they still have a lot to learn from the analogue world of print. In this video, that provides a sneak peek into the Communication Design course I instruct, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at students presenting an editorial project with an emphasis on typography and layout. The students had to choose to tackle either a children’s book or a branding guide.

ABCs of Typography

Cover: Typographique Abecedarium We’ve seen what happens when our Digital Design students let loose their motion graphics mojo on the subject of Typography. But what about the Print Designers?

Generally, Digital Design students are given assets to work with to make a small book. In the past, we have worked with local award-winning publisher Simply Read Books. Simply Read Books has allowed us to use professionally prepared images and text for children’s books.

This class did a special version of the project, The ABCs of Typography.

The “special version of the project” spanned classes and even terms – the students created the basic assets of The ABCs of Typography in Typography class, and in the next term’s Print Design class, they all drew from that pool of assets to create the books, which were printed at school and bound professionally.

The results are simply stunning. They did an exceptional job of sharing ideas and assets and produced a great array of well-designed books.

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