Danny Chan Can : 2013 Canstruction Vancouver’s Photographer

Mr Potato Can — Photo by Danny Chan

The annual Canstruction competition is back with an exhibition of their amazing sculptures made entirely of canned food (which afterwards are donated to Greater Vancouver Food Banks for distribution to community emergency feeding programs) at the Four Seasons Hotel, the Pacific Center Rotunda and the HSBC Pendulum Gallery in downtown Vancouver. VFS Digital Media Specialist Danny Chan is their appointed photographer for the event.

Last year, Danny Chan took some photos for our OOMPH! piece, and after seeing his shots, the Director of Brand l Co-Chair Canstruction Vancouver, Scott Gray contacted him and asked permssion to use some of his photography in their promotional material, which then evolved into using his photos as the basis for their innovative calendar.
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Learning From Bad Design

If good design is invisible, then bad design is as obvious as a sledgehammer to the face.

A few weeks ago I went out with a friend to grab a drink at a local bar. For the sake of the establishment, we will call this bar Frank’s. Now my friend was very eager to share this bar with me as they had some of the best ‘Tennessee Teas’ she’d ever had. Although I had past by Frank’s many times over the years, I had never stepped inside. My designer friend didn’t hesitate to tell me that once I got in, I would probably find something pretty funny about their menu’s logo. And sure I did.
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DRAW BY NIGHT #27 : Myth Math (Jan ’13) Review

man-or-math-myth drawing

What a great way to start the year off. For our first party of 2013, we had over 80 people show up to draw with us. Lots of new faces which was really great to see. Apparently, a lot of us love math! Or Myth-Math anyways… Throughout the night, DBNers created ghastly deserts, sad bananas doing the splits and sick donuts that barfed up icing. Gross… and wonderful. Check out the photos below to get a sense of just how sick and twisted a DBNer is. This is why I love everyone of you.

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Urna Bios : Thinking outside of the (coffin) box


Not too long before I started the Digital Design Program here at VFS, I came across this very interesting product: Urna Bios, designed by Martin Azuz.

I felt it was so well designed, appealing such to a large group of people, that this alone could inspire someone to be a designer — or make an already made designer go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Urna Bios are biodegradable Urns… Urns that can be planted into the ground so you can help the growth and nourishment of a tree. You are given the option to choose what type of tree and the knowledge that you are furthering the sustainability of our planet.

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Constrained Architecture : How Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa interpret “Form vs Function”

Daytime Shot of 21st Centry Museum of Contemporary Art

The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art is located on the West coast of Japan in a small city called Kanazawa. This city was originally famous for its well-preserved historical tea district, where you can still see Geisha occasionally walking, and Kenroku-en one of the most famous Japanese Gardens.
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