Agency Visit : Hangar18 Creative Group

Sign for Hangar 18

Students from the 24th Digital Design Class paid a visit to the Vancouver creative firm Hangar18 (not the infamous alleged location of the Roswell incident — although it is named after that mysterious place). Hangar 18 Creative Group was formed in 1996 by two graphic designers (including Digital Design Instructor Vida Jurcic) and a copywriter (Nigel Yonge).  Hangar18 has since grown in employees, capacity and accolades — but they are still small enough that their senior people can play a direct role with their clients.

The students were given some background and got a chance to have their questions answered by co-founder and co-Creative Director, Vida Jurcic.

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We are Missing “U”

still from typeface video

It’s not only people who are different — Typefaces are different too! Every single one of them wants to express their difference just as we do!

Difference is good. Difference expresses itself. Difference creates ideas. Difference transmits feelings. Difference shares opinions. And most importantly — difference has its own way to show itself to the world!

Express yourself! Create ideas! Transmit feelings! Share opinions! Show yourself to the world! Be different!

Vimeo Award Nomination : Cassini Mission by Chris Abbas

VFS alumnus and Digital Kitchen employee, Chris Abbas, has a personal project up for a Vimeo Award. His video Cassini Mission is nominated in the Remix category (i.e., “A video that is created using images, sequences or audio from existing works to make a new, original, independent piece”).

To vote for Chris Abbas’ Cassini Mission go here:

VFS students win Vancouver Island Short Film Festival awards for “What He Left You”

Short Film Festival Banner

Congratulations to VFS Digital Design students Brady Cackler and Walter Covarrubias, who screened their grad project, What He Left You, at the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival (April 13 & 14, 2012) and won some awards too!

Here’s a breakdown of their prizes:

  • Best Technical, presented by Boutique Mac: Walter Covarrubias for What He Left You
  • Best Film, Presented by Firehouse Grill: Brady Cackler for What He Left You
  • Best Performance, presented by BC Gaming: Dario Giordani for What He Left You

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Google Play is in Town

For those of you who are looking for new ways of entertainment, Google Play is your one stop shop! You can have access to books, movies, musics, games and  a lot of other apps. It was was formerly known as Android Market.

Google Play Banner

Google Play claims that there are more than 450,000 movies, books and apps available for downloading to your desktop or Android phones.

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