The Art of Launching an App

Many Digital Design grads end up working at agencies, software development companies, social game companies; but  in some cases grads decided to create their own companies or pursue launching products in an “app store.” Smashing Magazine recently launched a great article for entrepreneurs who are looking at launching an app.  A count of 91,754 iOS apps and 122,220 Android apps were released between 16 May and 8 September 2011, according to a recent Mobilewalla report. Understanding how to navigate this space is critical to success.

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YOTEL, Affordable & Beautiful at Times Square

A hotel inspired by airplane seats and known for its tiny rooms at airports in London and Amsterdam, YOTEL has opened its first city-centre hotel in New York on June 2011, giving visitors everything you might find in a luxury hotel in under 200 square feet. The theory — smaller room, smaller bill!

The premium cabin, the basic room, begins at $149 a night (plus tax), which is not to be sniffed at in a city where affordable accommodation is found only in far-flung boroughs or bed-bug-happy hostels. The idea is to maximize the space and minimize the cost.

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Alphabet on Ice – Kim Oxlund

Alphabet On Ice

Alphabet on Ice is Digital Design graduate Kim Oxlund‘s term 2 Typography project. The course asked students to select a typeface, research it, then create and present a specimen (a work that shows the range of the type in use). Kim Oxlund took the assignment to a new level by selecting a typeface that can only be found in an alphabetic ice-cube tray. Using time-lapse photography and custom lighting he filmed the ice melting. He then reversed the footage and added a playful original score to create a unique exploration of type.

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