The War of the Technology Giants

The war of the technology giants is back on. Sony may have just released an iPhone killer for all the amateur and pro photographers who have been looking for a companion to the SLR system. The new Sony QX100 & QX10 are designed to be companions for the poor grade glass and image sensors found in most cell phones. With Google and Apple as the kings of the mobile platform world with their IOS and Android devices, many competitors have been forced to find niches or been completely driven to the verge of extinction. For years Nokia and Blackberry have been trying to find their new niche / unique selling proposition as their market share shrunk. In recent years Nokia were targeting camera users, and over the weekend Nokia were acquired by Microsoft for 5 billion dollars. Many feel this filled two holes within Microsoft. I game them a feature rich phone system to push their windows mobile platform, and will help them fill some leadership roles with Balmer moving on later this year.

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Peter Smart – 50 Problems, 50 Days

50 Problems in 50 Days

Design is problem solving, and problem solving is difficult. As a term 1 student in Digital Design, I’m in the process learning of how to be a good designer, and it takes tremendous amount of time and effort to solve even one problem at a time. While I do enjoy the process, it is a daunting task.

And here is a man who pledged to solve 50 Problems in 50 Days using design. His name is Peter Smart, and he has travelled 2517 miles round Europe to problem solve. He had 24 hours to observe a problem, attempt to solve it, and communicate the solution to the world. He says he wasn’t always successful, but the point of this project was to trying everyday, not succeeding.

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Innovation vs. Invention: the grad project so far…

What is the next big thing going to be? The next Instagram, Tumblr, or dare I say it, facebook? This is the question that myself and many other classmates wrestled with when brainstorming concepts for our end of year graduate project. The grad project is supposed to be the big shebang; it is the culmination of learning and hard work from the previous 9 months and ultimately it is what we as students use to “woo” potential employers. No pressure, right?

So quick, what is the next big thing?

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Mark Raham Q&A Session At VFS Digital Design

Digital Design's Q&A with Vancouver Canucks' Creative Director Mark Raham

Mark Raham has been very generous with his time when it comes to helping VFS Digital Design students understand the importance of bringing a brand to life, and this time was no exception — especially since it was on a game night during a very tense playoff round with the San Jose Sharks when he showed up to our Main Theater for a Questions and Answers session about his role in developing Layered Experiences as Creative Director for the Vancouver Canucks. We were particularly grateful on this evening for his commitment to mentorship , given that he was previewing the 3rd of his preshow projection mapping presentations that night (normally he does three of them over a regular season of about 3 minutes in length, and this was a short season)  — at an extended 6 minutes!

Mark Raham presents the heart of his Layered Experiences strategy
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My Future Career As An Interactive Designer

crayons picture

I have been interested in design since I was a child. I still remember when I picked up a bunch of colored crayons and drew lots of images on the white wall of my mom’s home. Even though she grounded me, I’ve never been discouraged to keep drawing and I keep looking for inspiration.

I majored in Advertising and I worked for some agencies in Brazil, always in the art direction field. My last position in Brazil was as Art Director for a “Guerrilla Marketing” company. I had always worked in print media, but when I worked at the Guerrilla Marketing agency I had some interesting tasks, not related to print media — like, designing custom Facebook and Twitter pages, and also doing online campaigns. That was when I realized that I would love to work with interactive media.

Technology has always fascinated me and I realzied that it would be great to join my two passions: design and technology. That’s why I came to VFS: to learn more about Interactive Media — not only the design part, but also the user experience and information architecture side of it. I am really excited about the classes (I am learning a lot) and the prospect of working in the field that I love.