Cel Animation in Motion Graphics

A screenshot from DD26 Cesar Martinez’s broadcast package incorporating cel animation overlaid on footage.

Cel (or classical) animation has been on the rise in motion graphics and is now becoming ubiquitous. It’s that dripping wet, organic swirl of colour that leaves jaws on the floor and students scouring tutorial sites. That  fluid transition that meshes scenes into stories and engages viewers.  It can mean hundreds of drawings and lakes of coffee but the end result is always worth it. Where motion graphics used to trend towards being structured and clean, the industry has been undergoing an organic face lift. The combination of using traditional frame by frame, hand drawn animation alongside other techniques adds a refreshing fluid style that surpasses the structure and consistencies of key frames and motion paths.

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Digital Design Welcomes New Instructor Karen Whistler

VFS Digital Design welcomes our new instructor Karen Whistler!

Karen grew up in the Seattle area and attended Seattle Pacific University, double majoring in Visual Communication and Studio Arts. Early in her career, she worked on a wide spectrum of print and web designs, which included publications, advertising, brand strategy and development, as well as marketing for a large digital agency. A few major clients included Expedia, Microsoft and T-Mobile.

Karen recently completed her Master of Applied Arts (MA) in Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, graduating top of her class as the valedictorian. During her Master’s she incorporated systems thinking into information, experience and interaction design. Her Master’s Thesis Project used participatory design research practices to create a system for parents and children to collaborate, making dinner together on busy weeknights. She looks forward to developing her masters thesis project into a reality in the future.

Karen will be teaching Communication Design 3 and 2D Graphics.