A gift for my daughter: A 3D animation of a Maori legend

A few months ago I found a legend on how the oh so beloved kiwi bird from New Zealand lost it’s wings, and I’ve been adapting it into a 3D animation short as a gift to my daughter, which means I got some time till she’s old enough to watch it!

The legend is about the Maori God Tane Mahuta, guardian of the forest and the birds. He finds himself in need of help when he discovers that his children (the trees) are being eaten by vicious bugs. He asks the birds of the forest for their help and the kiwi is the only one who is brave enough to say yes. There’s a bit more to it than that — you can google the legend or just wait for my film!

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Hummingbird Inspires

The latest Audi commercial, Hummingbird, is an inspirational spot promoting the A6 Avant. Created by BBH London and filmed by Oscar-nominated director Daniel Barber at Knucklehead London, the ad conceptually portrays the vehicle’s light-weight construction, agility and performance through the metaphor of a hummingbird. The 3D (done by Tom Bussell) and animation (done by The Mill) are amazing, right down to the naturalistic traffic cones.


Believing in Better

Hey OOMPH’ers!

This was my first national broadcast project and a watershed moment in my career. Sky Better Effect working with Neon has been a real treat. Their process is one of constant experimentation, iteration, and preempted decisions that kept us above water and away from the often chaotic final stretch many creatives feel as a project wraps up.

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