Origami : Where science meets art

Still from Between the Folds

A couple of years ago, I went through a phase where I watched 2 to 4 documentaries per day. Between the Folds, a documentary on the art of origami, was one in particular that fascinated me.

“Origami is just a way to get your hands dirty with math,” was one quote from the film that resonated with me, and I found that the most impressive structures shown in the documentary were heavily mathematical and clearly beyond my capabilities. I wondered if complex mathematical equations were necessary to practice this form of art, but was relieved to see artists around the world who found and evolved new ways to re-create such origami methods as non-deterministic folding (crumpling) and wetting the paper to mash it in place. In essence, it’s still the same, where folds are the primary means of creating the structure from a single or multiple piece(s) of paper without cuts.

For me, the most inspiring part is taking a simple element and transforming it into something totally different, where you can’t recognize the original state. This is why I enjoy After Effects so much because I can start from a simple solid as a base and create a complex piece of art.

Creative Beginnings : Meet Mehdi

Creative Beginnings Mehdi

April brought in a new, exciting and diverse group of students to join us here at VFS Digital Design! Throughout their program year, OOMPH will be featuring stories about their creative process, their inspirations and their development into Professional Digital Designers.

Creative Beginnings features five students, a different one each week, from a variety of backgrounds, who offer up their initial impressions, their goals, hopes and dreams — and also tell us how they have fun! Follow along as these students develop and grow into the next Industry Creatives. Every Tuesday for five weeks, we will showcase one of them in Q&A format with a photo taken by our very own Danny Chan.

May 22 : Mehdi Nowroozi ponders the mysteries
May 29 : Novita (Vivi) Prasetia knits prospects for her own school

June 5 : Skylar Lange won’t stop analyzing until he gets to the beach
June 12 : Cristina Bucardo shares her passion for art, music and fashion
June 19 : Francois Gauthier mixes up new recipes for Motion Design

Mehdi Nowroozi

Name: Mehdi Nowroozi
Age : Currently 21 years of age.
From : I am originally from Afghanistan – a peaceful country tucked nicely somewhere in the Middle East.
Background : To make a short story long: I moved here to beautiful Vancouver when I was 7 years old. I have a younger sister and typical “foreign” parents, whom I all love to death. Among other interests, I very much enjoy pondering anything ancient, and pretty much any conspiracy theory worth its name.
My problem is, I want to do 10 different things all at once, and I often spread myself too thin. I’m still super young, so I feel like when the time is ripe, when all is said and done, I will have mastered many skills and be fluent in a new and very much needed “digital language”.

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