Digital Design’s Appetizers Showcase Draws a Crowd

VFS Digital Design recently hosted numerous industry guests and program alumni for a fun night of presentations, where graduating students showcased their favourite design projects of the year.

With only three minutes of stage time, each student took the podium and gave a concise rundown of their work, which ranged from interactive design in the cross-departmental ‘Project Space Squid‘ initiative to a community-minded social networking system, a biology-inspired motion graphics short, a darkly funny website that offers customizable wallpapers about cat overpopulation, and much more.

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After Appetizers: Recent Digital Design Grads Look Back

Appetizers! Food, drink, and delicious bites of design. Now, doesn’t that sounds like a good reason to ditch the office for a couple of hours? Especially if it means first dibs on some of the hottest young designers in the city.

Back in April, many of Vancouver’s top design creatives and recruiters gathered at VFS for the Digital Design program’s first “Appetizers” graduate showcase. These three-minute, rapid-fire presentations generated a talent feeding frenzy during the mingler that followed.

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