Team Builder

Recent Digital Design graduate, Juan Martinezguerra, emailed me today to share a very useful interactive module he came across —  Team Builder. The good folks at creative talent recruitment agency, Vitamin T, conceived of the Team Builder to assist companies in identifying and securing the talent they need.

It can often be difficult for fledgling digital designers to identify the right types of people they need to employ on a project. Which roles are needed to develop a mobile app versus the ones that are needed to deploy an email marketing campaign? The Team Builder takes some of the guess work out of the equation, while providing an invaluable resource to aspiring designers who want to learn more about the types of activities each role does.

Career preparation is a huge part of the Digital Design program. Our goal is to help our students identify their talents, find their passions and become so well versed in the tools and practices of our industry that they can hit the ground running from day one at an agency in whatever role they choose — be it an Information Architect, Motion Design, Producer, you name it. In our Industry & Career Preparation courses, we have a keen focus on career pathing and the Team Builder data visualization will be a great educational tool. Thank you, Juan! And thank you, Vitamin T!