How Not To Have Sex With Geese: UX Perspectives with Peter Jin Hong

Peter Jin Hong, a graduate of the digital Design program, has carved out an incredible career for himself since leaving VFS. His resume includes the highest profile agencies, such as Blast Radius, Tribal DDB and Organic, and currently sees him holding the title of User Experience Designer for Google+ Photos in San Francisco. As part of his artist in residence visit, Peter gave a presentation to the students. The content was riveting. But what he did after the presentation ended was even better.

Peter is a humanist. He designs from the perspective of enriching the human experience. This came through in every aspect of his presentation. He chose to stand away from the podium, presenting in front a black background with minimal images and text behind him. He simultaneously unraveled a mystery about his own personal experiences (including a horrible but life-changing motorcycle accident) while providing interesting and relevant information regarding the science of how people interact with and react to the world around them. The presentation culminated in showing us how these narratives apply to the work that he does on a daily basis as a user experience designer.

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