Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart : Ricard Adrianza

Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart

Ricard Adrianza, who was part of the 23rd graduating class of Digital Design, is the latest intern at Ayogo Games, who have a partnership program with Digital Design  — the Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart. After seeing his work at our Industry Night Event, Appetizers, Ayogo included Ricard as one of their top candidates, and after an interview process, they chose him as their latest Interactive Design Intern. It’s not hard to see why — while in the program Ricard produced work that was outstanding and inventive. Just have a look at his portfolio to see for yourself.

Ricard at workstation at Ayogo Games

We caught up with Ricard to get a first hand account of his experience as an Interactive Design intern at Ayogo games.

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Digital Design 2012 : Memorable Moments

January & February

The year got off to a quick start as the students at the half-way point of their studies focused on their project to work with non-profit organizations, giving them a taste of what it takes to be an effective designer in the ‘real world.’ In the What’s the Big Idea — Clients & Collaboration class, students explore and are challenged to create digital strategies that align with their own growth opportunities, while still meeting the core needs of the client. This becomes a test of, not only their conceptual abilities, but their ability to execute a precise strategy within a strict timeline.

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Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart : Paulina Solis

Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart

Ayogo Games took on VFS Digital Design grad Paulina Solis as a paid Intern back in April of this year — right after her presentation at Appetizers. Paulina, who graduated with honours, was the first recipient of the Ayogo Games + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart Program. I recently spent some time talking with her about her experience.

Paulina Solis at Ayogo Games

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Ayogo Games Recruits VFS Digital Design Talent with Exclusive Internship

Ayogo Games, Inc. is known as a leader in the movement to transform health care through the use of games and play, by changing both how we learn and how we engage with our surrounding environment. As part of their ongoing search for the best talent to build their team they’ve created an exclusive internship for graduates of Digital Design.

The Ayogo Games + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart Program is open to every graduating class. Each intern will be assigned a mentor based on his or her background and role in the company, with ongoing guidance and mentoring by Ayogo Games, Inc. Creative Director, Jesse Spink.

“We’re really excited to announce the launch of our internship program with the Digital Design program,” says Spink. “We’ve had a great experience working with and hiring students from VFS in the past and it seemed like a logical next step to better align ourselves with both the school and the program.”

Digital Design grad Levente Opelcz has been working at Ayogo since graduating, after they saw his presentation at Appetizers, the Digital Design showcase. Levi shared his experience with us in a blog post.