Digital Design in Mexico Part 1: Video Profiles

I was in Mexico City recently for a whirlwind trip that included speaking engagements, meetings with technology companies, ad agencies, and interactive firms, a visit at Universidad Anáhuac, and a VFS Digital Design Open House.

There’s a profound connection between the one-year Digital Design program and the design community in Mexico. Many talented Mexican designers have journeyed to Vancouver and ultimately gone on to design careers around the world, and we had the chance recently to sit down with a few of them and hear about their experiences.

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Google UX Expert Joins Digital Design Advisory Board

We’re extremely happy to announce today that Peter Jin Hong, Google’s User Experience Designer in Search Engineering and Mobile, has joined the Digital Design program’s advisory board!

As part of his work in innovation and research in Mountain View, Peter focuses on conceptualizing and rapid prototyping next-generation applications. His past roles include Group Creative Director at the world-leading interactive agency Blast Radius and National Creative Director at Tribal DDB Canada. He’s also a graduate of the program (from way back in 1996) which gives him firsthand insight into the VFS experience.

Select industry professionals from around the world are invited to join VFS’s advisory boards. As lifelines to the industry, members provide the next generation of designers with a vital link to the professional world through guest lectures, project mentorship, portfolio advising, and potential internship and employment opportunities.

“There have been many good mentors in my life,” he says. “Mentoring in turn, and seeing people realize their potential, is both a privilege and source of joy for me. The successes I’ve been a part of really come down to people, their stories, and inspiring collaborations – much of that started at VFS for me.”

His empathetic approach to humanistic design greatly enhances our curriculum as we continually strive to keep pace with our evolving industry. Peter is a true user experience expert and a role model for what our graduates can accomplish.

The Duelity of Digital Design


Collaboration is a huge part of the VFS experience. But for two recent Digital Design graduates, Marcos ‘Boca’ Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich, it defined their year.

They came from diverse backgrounds — Ryan grew up in Edmonton and Boca hails from São Paulo, Brazil. When they each decided to come to Vancouver to hone their motion design skills and their paths crossed at VFS, they clicked right away.

Ryan contributed to Boca’s Drop, a Term 1 motion graphics piece that was featured by YouTube editors and made the finals in the 2007 Adobe Design Achievement Awards in San Francisco. Then came Typographics, a slick animated introduction to typography that hit the front page of

The natural next step? Working together on their final project at VFS. The result is an ambitious split-screen exploration of Evolution and Creationism called Duelity. It’s already won a PopVox Award and screened at the Art of Digital show in San Diego.

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