Payday: The Heist — To Rob, To Thief, To Pilfer: It is me

For a while, I wanted to explain why games were art because of this topic’s long winded debate. But being that I am part of the Digital Design program here at VFS, it has come to my attention that games are not the only debate in the scheme of things. Design itself seems to be under the attack of being “not art” as well. The reason for this seems to be that design is there to solve a problem. It is meant to communicate, with it’s main purpose being some sort of connection between two parties rather than the expression of one. That being said, to me, this does not mean it cannot be beautiful and become art. To me, games, as well as it’s umbrella of design, are art, thus making Payday: The Heist a work of art that has moved me.
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Hey ‘End of the World’, take note of the tiny wonder called Botanicula

Still from preview for the game Botanicula

In the world of First Person Shooters and Post Apocalyptic wastelands, beautiful, gritty landscapes begin to feel somewhat tiresome after a while. I think I must have saved the world enough times over to make even Superman a little jealous. Needless to say, First Person Shooter games these days are structured so well that they have become incredibly and wonderfully average. So where do I turn? — The Indie market, of course!

Amanita Design, a company that released the sleeper hit Machinarium (impressively on a budget of $1000), has recently released another tiny wonder called Botanicula. I’m aiming more at the conventional in terms of aesthetic beauty in this article. I mean, look at this thing: It’s beautiful. From it’s rich, organic wildlife, to it’s bizarre creatures inhabiting the world, to lovely and cute music by DVA, Botanicula is a charming Point & Click that pulls me away from the end of my world, so that I can save these characters.
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