Perfect The Way We Are

The little ditty above is the creation of a passionate group of VFS graduates, instructors, and their compatriots.

We all know Americans go to the polls in November, but there’s also a hotly contested Canadian federal election on October 14. The Perfect The Way We Are team, hailing from the Foundation Visual Art & Design, Digital Design, Entertainment Business Management, Sound Design, and 3D programs, wanted to deliver one, simple, and decidedly non-partisan – but no less pointed – message to Canadians: Get out there and vote.

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Good Night, and Good Luck

DD Class 06 Well, another round of VFS graduations have come and gone.

All programs celebrate differently. Many graduations involve watching the students’ final films or reels. Some grads involve the shedding of joyous tears (we’re looking at you, Acting!). And some — like Digital Design celebrate awards-show-style, recognizing huge achievements by graduating students.

Congratulations to the recent winners of the Digital Design graduation awards:

Best Motion Design — Natasha Ali (My Love)
Best Communication Design — Maggie Chu (Lang Hwa)
Best Interactive Design — Stefan Belavy (Opium Harvest) / Jeff Greenberg & Eric Wada (The Dark Shield)
Outstanding Achievement — Ryan Clark
Best Portfolio — Stefan Belavy
Best Final Project — Stefan Belavy (
Best Designer in a Supporting Role — Carlos Guimaraes

The graduates also recognized two faculty members: Brett Forsyth for Excellence in Instruction, and Gagan Diesh for Best Course (Branding).

Stay tuned for further glimpses into VFS program graduations!