Canstruction Vancouver 2014 calendar

Canstruction 2014 calendar

As creatives, we have the power to introduce and to influence change. We can choose to use our skills to support worthy causes. Instructor Dougal Muir and I both support the annual Canstruction Vancouver event which benefits the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. Dougal provides creative direction and design talent to promote the event through print pieces such as a promotional desk calendar, and I supply the event photography and the source images for the calendar. The photos are also published in both the print and online editions of The Vancouver Sun.

Canstruction Vancouver is a design-build competition, and teams are formed from architecture firms, engineering companies, design agencies, and schools. Similar events are held in over 160 cities worldwide. After planning the sculpture to fit the provided theme, funds are raised to purchase the canned food, and the sculptures are built in less than two days. Following the event, the food is donated to food banks to assist those in need. After eleven years of this event in Vancouver, 1,248,455 cans, with a retail value of over three million dollars, have been collected and donated.

MET Fine Printers founded this event in Vancouver, and it was great to find out that the 2013 Canstruction Vancouver calendar, which we also collaborated on, won Gold at the Canadian Printing Awards.

Mark your calendars. The exhibition of this year’s sculptures will be open to the public from May 12–16th at the Pendulum Gallery, Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, and the Rotunda at Pacific Centre.

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Danny Chan’s CANstruction Vancouver Calendar Photos

Canstructiono Calendar - photographs by Danny Chan

VFS Digital Design’s Digital Media Specialist Danny Chan and former VFS External Examiner Dougal Muir were involved in the development of CANstruction Vancouver‘s annual Calendar for 2013. Dougal Muir (now Creative Director Muir & Associates) designed the calendar and Danny Chan provided photography. Some of Danny’s photos were used last year in advertising for the event too. Initially, for the calendar, they originally requested just a few photos, but they loved his work so much they decided to use his photos for every month!
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