Dragon Tales: Interview with Chen Qin

Dragon Tales: Chen Qin

VFS Digital Design is a highly multicultural program. We get students from all over the world. Being Chinese, I’m very interested in the educational experience of our students from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. I started meeting with them to capture and share their insights. Here. as part of my ongoing series of interviews, Dragon Tales, I speak with current Digital Design student, Chen Qin, about his experience.

温哥华电影学院的数字媒体专业很具跨文化特色。这里汇聚了来自世界各国家、各地区的青年才俊。我很感兴趣 那些来自中国大陆、台湾地区和香港地区的学生们,他 们在这里的学习经历是怎样的。与他们逐渐熟识,也更 多分享他们的才智和学习历程。下面是我在数字媒体专业进行的系列采访中的第一个人物,秦晨,他分享了他在数字媒体专业的学习感受。

Maggie Guo: Welcome Chen Qin. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

郭春宁: 欢迎你, 秦晨。能先简单介绍一下你自己吗?

Chen Qin: Hi Maggie. Thanks for chatting with me. Before going to VFS I was an illustrator and a freelance designer. I came from Da Lian, China. Now I live in Vancouver with my wife and daughter. I am honored to be a member of VFS Digital Design Class 24. I’m focused on studying Interactive Design, User Experience Design, Motion Graphics and Branding. I like reading, travelling, watching films and skiing.

秦晨: 春宁,你好。很高兴你来采访我。没进温哥华电影学院之前我是名插画设计师,自由设计师。我来自中国大连,现在和我的太太和女儿生活在温哥华。我正在温哥华电影学院数字媒体专业24班学习交互设计用户体验设计视觉动画设计品牌设计。我喜欢看书、旅游、滑雪和看电影。


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