The Avengers — A Great Work That Makes Me Feel Guilty

ILM Compositing the Hulk for the Avengers Movie

I saw the movie, The Avengers, last year with great expectations, because this movie was a blockbuster that everyone was anticipating well before its premiere. As I expected, the movie was perfect in every aspect: plot, production, editing, CGI… Everything was good, and I loved this movie.

Then, a few days ago, I saw a video on the making of The Avengers. I recognized the company (ILM) that worked on the visual effects. So when I saw the video, I was quite shocked; there was more CGI work done than I realized. There was a lot of detail, and it all seemed like hard work. That is when I started feeling guilty, because I did not pay much attention to some of those scenes.

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Digital Design Graduate Success Stories : Annabelle Kent

Annabelle Kent

Annabelle Kent graduated from the VFS Digital Design Program back when it was known as New Media (2001), and since then her career has had a lot of great highlights: she’s worked with such Visual Effects studios as Anthem Visual Effects, Zoic Studios, and Rising Sun Pictures (in Australia) on TV shows like Tin Man, Sanctuary, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and V, and on films like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2, Red TailsThe Hunger Games and Prometheus. We caught up with her to talk about life post-VFS, her professional success, and her new job as Digital Compositor at Image Engine.

OOMPH : When you first went to VFS in the New Media Program what were your professional ambitions?

Annabelle Kent : I always wanted to get into film and video. At first, I wanted to be a Documentary Filmmaker. But I also really liked Animation and Visual Effects. I went to be a workstudy at the Banff Centre after VFS because they had the Avid there and I was using it to help the artists in residence, while also learning about non-linear editing. It was a natural step from VFS, because I knew I needed to gain experience and learn from that.

Anthem: Sanctuary

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