What Inspires me

Alan Brookes

Um …Tasha? …What would happen… if your car was a DINOSAUR?

An awesome question asked by a very imaginative 6-year-old: Alan Brookes. I’ve spend the past few months working as Alan’s Nanny, watching him while his mom; a single parent, is at work. And while thinking about what inspires my creative thinking, I came up with the answer: Alan Brookes inspires me. Though being his Nanny was only a temporary job, Alan made a permanent impact on me — he inspires me to see the world through the eyes of my very own inner child.

From teaching him to ride a bike in my alley, to making cherry licorice and Fruit Loops-beaded bracelets, this little boy, without knowing it, has opened my eyes and shown me a different way of understanding life. However small he may be to the world, he has shown me just how big a person can be in your life, and how exciting it is that I still have so much I can learn. I look around and so many of us have lost our sparkle, that youthful light in our hearts has dimmed from being hurt and being told to grow up. It’s a great reminder for myself as an artist and designer to never to lose that light — the child inside just wants to show you what you’re forgetting to enjoy while trying to be all grown up and stuff.

So next time you want to make a happy face with your food, make faces in the mirror, sing in the car, or jump on your bed when no one is looking, don’t hesitate; let that kid inside take over. Just go for it. Who knows, you might inspire someone to write about the impact that you made on them.