DD Talks recap: How to Engage Your Audience in a Digital World

On November 17th, VFS Digital Design presented a DD Talks event titled How to Engage Your Audience in a Digital World. Leigh Badgley, a Vancouver-based filmmaker and TV producer, spoke about her adventures in transmedia storytelling with a focus on her work for the popular television series Ice Pilots NWT. Leigh has a strong understanding of combining traditional television and documentary programming with digital components and using film as an important agent of change.

Leigh outlined her project goals using interactive media to create audience engagement for the show, to drive people to watch the show, and to raise funding for all new media ventures. She spoke about the collaborative design process she had working with the interactive designers for the website and how they had to adapt to production challenges such as frozen video equipment due to the extreme weather. Throughout Leigh’s presentation, storytelling was clearly important to the success of this project. The presentation ended with a Q&A session after Leigh shared some insights from a recent Pixar workshop she attended. Specifically, there is a basic but fundamental structure a writer can use to shape a story:

Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.

Thanks, Leigh!

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recap of DD Talks: Engagement and Emotion

On July 30th, VFS Digital Design presented a well-received DD Talks event with the theme of Engagement and Emotion: Interactive Digital Content and Public Multimedia PlatformsJorge R. Canedo Estrada, a DD alumnus and Associate Creative Director & Animator from Giant Ant, spoke first to promote Blend, a festival taking place this October. Jorge mentioned this festival grew from the online community of Wine after Coffee, a Vimeo channel dedicated to celebrating amazing animations. Blend will be a two-day gathering of some of the biggest names in the motion design industry with speakers from BuckGiant AntTendril and an inspiring mix of artists, some yet to be announced. This will be the first time we will see such a collection of art and design talent in Vancouver.

Next to speak was Amahl Hazelton, a producer from Moment Factory. Moment Factory is an industry-leading collection of over 150 multidisciplinary creators who create public multimedia environments around the world that integrate video, lighting, architecture, sound, and special effects to create stunning and memorable experiences. Their projects range from innovative live performances such as Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show which they had a tight time frame of only eight weeks to produce to iconic permanent installations such as LAX and Vancouver’s own Canada Place Sails Light Show.

Amahl delighted the audience with stories and examples of Moment Factory’s work for Nine Inch Nails, Foresta Lumina, and Royal Caribbean International. Following his presentation, Amahl conducted a lengthy Q&A session where there was no shortage of questions from eager students.

The students were clearly inspired by the speakers. Thanks to Jorge and Amahl!

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DD Talks: Red Eyes/Red Lines/Red Carpets

DD alumnus Jai Field spoke at a recent DD Talks to discuss his work experience as Head of Design at Bron Studios and Art Director for East Van Digital. He shared his journey as a designer who has worked with small business owners, well-known musicians & producers, corporations, and international film studios. Throughout his presentation, Jai stressed the importance of being passionate about your work, building one’s toolset and how project management helps him to juggle all his tasks.

Thanks, Jai!


Digital Design Talks by Nikolas Badminton: 2015, A Year of Alternatives

Nikolas Badminton, Futurist and Principal, DesignCultureMind and Regional Director, North America, Freelancer.comvisited our campus recently to give a presentation on the theme of 2015, A Year of Alternatives as part of our regular speaker series, Digital Design Talks. He spoke about the collaborative economy, recent developments in wearables, virtual reality, and privacy issues related to our data. Here are some images from his presentation. Thanks, Nik!

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recap of Digital Design Talks: Scary Pixels

DD Talks

On June 5th, we hosted our Digital Design Talks event with the theme of Scary Pixels. Egbert Reichel from Digital Domain started the event by discussing his career path, the stages of production on a feature film, and his role as a compositor. He provided examples of his work on the recently released Maleficent. Egbert was kind enough to share his knowledge by answering the many questions the students raised during the Q&A portion of his presentation.

Marisa Brignole next presented Polly, her title sequence project. She spoke about her inspiration of the 1960s, her process, and the post-production techniques she used to create the look and feel of that era.

Henry Chu closed out the event by speaking about a collaborative project that grew from an in-class assignment. Students from Class 29 designed whimsical monsters and composited them into live action footage that they had shot. This group of students also went beyond the brief and created a poster to showcase their monster character designs.

Thanks to all of the speakers for making this a great event.
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