Congratulations VFS Digital Design Class 28

Congratulations to Digital Design class 28! After countless hours of project management challenges, client meetings, storyboarding, brand positioning, kerning, wireframing, prototyping, debugging, animating, texture mapping, rendering, spending quality time with Moodle, and trips to the coffee shop, you have graduated!

On August 21st, we held our graduation ceremony and Awards Show for class 28. Red Borrowman, Program Manager, oversaw the ceremony and introduced each speaker. Louise Lee, Head of Department, delivered the keynote speech, and Miles Nurse, Director, Innovation & User Experience, offered some parting words of wisdom as the elected instructor speaker. Grant Wilson and Madison Kaylo were the elected student speakers who represented the graduating class.

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Appetizers: Digital Design class 28 Industry Showcase

Last week, we held Appetizers, our Industry Showcase event. Class 28 impressed faculty and industry guests alike with their presentations which included a diverse mix of interactive and motion design projects. Appetizers is the culmination of the many long hours required to complete the Digital Design program, but it also marks the start of the students’ transition to being professional designers. It is their three minutes to shine by presenting one of their favourite projects from the past year. The students’ preparation paid off with great performances by all. This event has proven to be extremely popular with industry due to its quick-fire format and the quality of work presented. Guests included attendees from FCV, Tribal Worldwide, Unbounce, Giant Ant, Axiom Zen, Switch United, BroadbandTV, Linetest, DHX Media, TAXI, The Agency, QuickMobile, Battlefy, and Ayogo, to name a few. Following the presentations, the graduating students were able to mingle and further discuss their projects and portfolios with industry representatives over drinks and snacks.

Congratulations to class 28!

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