Smile! – Expressive Design

As I thinking about things that inspire me, I somehow managed to overlook one of the things that makes me most inspired to create things and that is emotions! I find it amazing how an artist can convey so much emotion in their work that it actually allows the viewer to relate to how the artist was feeling… even if the user has not gone through an experience like that before. It brings the audiences right into whatever story is being told.

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Payday: The Heist — To Rob, To Thief, To Pilfer: It is me

For a while, I wanted to explain why games were art because of this topic’s long winded debate. But being that I am part of the Digital Design program here at VFS, it has come to my attention that games are not the only debate in the scheme of things. Design itself seems to be under the attack of being “not art” as well. The reason for this seems to be that design is there to solve a problem. It is meant to communicate, with it’s main purpose being some sort of connection between two parties rather than the expression of one. That being said, to me, this does not mean it cannot be beautiful and become art. To me, games, as well as it’s umbrella of design, are art, thus making Payday: The Heist a work of art that has moved me.
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VFS Hosts IxDA Vancouver: Interaction 12 Redux

On Saturday, May 12, VFS Digital Design will host IxDA Vancouver’s Interaction12 Redux: a half-day mini-conference with speakers and discussions about interaction design, industry trends, inspiration, and ideas.

As Presenting Partner for the event, VFS welcomes local designers to the VFS Main Theatre for a lineup that includes Scott Nazarian (Frog Design), Mike Kruzeniski (Microsoft), and Ryan Betts (Adobe). The event follows the full Interaction12 conference in Dublin, so if you missed it in February, IxDA’s got your back!

We’re working with IxDA as part of our ongoing commitment to support the design community in Vancouver and beyond. For a small group of outstanding Digital Design students, it also means the chance to attend Interaction12 Redux. We’ll have a report from one of them next week, so stay tuned.

Want to know more about Interaction12 Redux? Get all the details right here. If you’ve already got tickets, we’ll see you at VFS on Saturday!


The Canadian Design Resource

Canada Design Resource: VIFF Branding

The Canadian Design Resource is a digital platform showcasing interesting examples of Canadian designs, ranging from Advertising to Branding to Furniture and Film and Video, and even something called Gong Show (a good example is below). It claims to be “the most comprehensive gallery of Canadian design in the world.”

Wild Rose Tour Bus (Gong Show)

It’s certainly an interesting resource for tracking the historical development of design in Canada. And it showcases a great diversity of illustrations, videos, graphics, and digital design examples.

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Member of The KDU

Recently, I got an invite to join The KDU to become apart of their online global community. I am grateful to be on board, joining some great designers to contribute and share some of my work and thought process with the rest of the world. You can check out my section of the blog here. And here is a little poster I created to get things rolling. I will be posting more work soon. Til then, cheers!