Vimeo Award Nomination : Cassini Mission by Chris Abbas

VFS alumnus and Digital Kitchen employee, Chris Abbas, has a personal project up for a Vimeo Award. His video Cassini Mission is nominated in the Remix category (i.e., “A video that is created using images, sequences or audio from existing works to make a new, original, independent piece”).

To vote for Chris Abbas’ Cassini Mission go here:

Hockey 101

During his time as an intern at Digital Kitchen, Jordan Scott was asked to create a personal project of his choice. As a diehard Canadian-born Canucks fan, he chose hockey! The concept, approach, creative and technique were all up to him.

Jordan decided to ask his fellow American creatives at DK a couple of questions about the sport. He edited their humorous responses into a compelling piece that he brought into Flash and hand animated in 1407 individual frames. Check out the video…
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