Designers, Start Your Engines

Hey there Oomphers. I graduated from Digital Design in August 2011 and was fortunate enough to secure a role as a Designer at Engine Digital. Now almost a half year in, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far working for an interactive agency.

1. School is not for fools – I am confident in saying that the education I received both at university and VFS was influential in helping me get a job in the real world. I have always tried to have the mindset that time is never wasted if you are learning. After completing my undergraduate degree, I wasn’t able to get a job in the field I wanted, but working for a year and then travelling, helped to spark my interest in design. Knowing that I needed a classroom setting where I could receive instruction from professionals and get knowledgeable, industry-based feedback, I did some extensive research and decided upon VFS Digital Design. It proved to be a great place to further my education. Digital Design developed the skills I needed to practically apply my passion for creative communication.  Through hands-on exercises and mentoring from people active and successful in the industry, I can say that VFS exceeded all expectations I had for my Digital Design program. As cliché as it sounds, Knowledge is Power, and to have the chance to be excited to go to work every day and work on projects that interest you, you have to value learning.

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Digital Design Students Experience Agency Life

In the Digital Design program, we have a keen focus on preparing our students for professional careers. As part of this commitment to ensuring our students are industry ready, they take a series of Industry & Career Preparation courses throughout the year. Each term focuses on building different skills that, by the end of the year, combine to form a well-rounded business and design-minded professional.

Term 3 is focused on imparting information about career options. One of the best way to do this is to expose students to different agency environments. This time around, the students met with four award-winning agencies — Blast Radius, Go 2 Productions, Karo and Engine Digital.

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