Digital Design Students and Grads Shine at Impact Awards

Digital Design Winners and Nominees

Digital Design students, who were nominated for VFS Impact Awards, took some time out from their schedules for a few very nice photos by Digital Design’s Digital Media Specialist, Danny Chan to help celebrate the recognition for their hard work. All together there were eleven nominees, with two well-deserved wins by graduates Hasan Habib and Maria Fernanda Herrera! Of course, we’re very proud of all of them, and we were there at the event to cheer them on.
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Hasan Habib’s VFS Grad Project Used for Husaini Blood Bank’s New Identity

Hasan Habib

Congratulations to VFS Digital Design grad, Hasan Habib, who is proud to announce that his Graduate Project (as well as the Motion Graphic piece) has been used by Husaini Blood Bank for their new Identity!

Hasan told us all about his Creative Process for the project:

“For my Graduation Project, I decided to create a 360 campaign for Husaini Blood Bank, one of the largest blood banks in Pakistan. I pursued this project because I believe that Husaini Blood Bank has an opportunity to be a more powerful brand through a new identity.”

Banner for Husaini Blood Bank

“Working for a real client for my Graduation Project, was a great experience. It allowed me to perform as if I were already working in the industry. I loved the hands-on experience of interacting with the client, conducting surveys and interviews, performing market research, and several swot analyses. I put this campaign together with the help and direction of my mentor Ben Garfinkel, without whom the project would not have reached its maximum potential.”

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