A Grad Project Odyssey

Banner reads: A Graduate Project Odyssey

So, Term 5 is on, and it’s time for us nearly-graduated-students to modify the course of our lives to make a kickass graduate project, showcasing what great designers we are, with all of our abilities, in an elegant mashup of 2-months worth of work, which will likely take more than 200 hundred hours to develop…


This is exactly how it is: One day you’re waking up to go to the VFS Welcome event and the next thing you know, you’re halfway through your Graduate Project — What is going on here?! It sounds like a joke. But it’s not. It’s reality, and it punches you in the face with the realization of how far you have gone, and how badly you want to prove it.

Way to go champ! Now, you’re on your own. There is nothing more exciting than this. The opportunity to show off all of your learned skills. In my case, having the available help of Mark Busse, a Master in the industry, plus the amazing Digital Design instructors, while also getting valuable input from Jeff Hamada and Carter Gilchristwhat could go wrong?

…EVERYTHING. Because, whether you want it or not, it is a gigantic responsibility. It is you in a race against time with a challenging project, which is perhaps the hardest to manage. I do realize, however, that this is a once-in-a-life-time experience, so I will work non-stop and try to get the best out of all my resources. This is the last step towards a greater beginning.

Every Graduate Project is incredibly different and unique, but in my case, it is all about celebrating the creative process, through challenges that refresh the user’s mind from the corporate dailies, and that will allow the user to experiment while sharing and collaborating with a friendly global community, following the tagline:
Banner reads: Inspiration is in the Making

Want to know more about it? Want me to reveal to you all the secrets about the Grad Project process? Check out my blog! 

And you still have time to join one of my Project Challenges and be showcased in it, if you are interested — just give me a shout on Twitter!

And because reading my long post deserves a reward (thank you very much), I designed The Photoshop Key Trainer, a free, useful and easy-to-make brochure for learning the most common and basic Photoshop CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts, which might come in handy to any designer working with PSD. Let’s be honest, nothing makes you look more pro and efficient than knowing by heart the shortcut keys for the software you use.

Let me know which software you would like for the next time.

photoshop shortcuts brochure