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Digital Design Student Mentor, Kasey Lum, recently started shooting video in the last couple of years after graduating from the Digital Design Program.

He tells us, “I still love creating motion pieces that aren’t film based, but I believe film and compositing is where my heart is. I hope  one day to direct feature films and continue shooting music videos and commercials.”

Kasey has submitted a video to a Sigur Rós Mystery Film Competition. The idea behind the competition is to create a video for one of Sigur Rós’s songs from their new album. The band chooses the final winner, but voting does help in the process of elimination.

To view the video submission by Kasey Lum and place your vote, go to his Direct A Video For Sigur Rós contest submission page.

Still from Kaesy Lum submission for Sigur Rós

Wonders Start Here

Vancouver: Wonders Start Here
This video popped up in conversation the other day and I realized that it never found its way onto OOMPH. In early 2010 VFS was approached to work with Microsoft to help them create a video pitch that shows how Vancouver, rich with creative talent and innovative ideas, has been the location for the gensis of a long list of important and influential tech companies. Wanting to tap into this very energy that the video would promote, Ian Bell and Denis Pilarinos immediately thought to contact VFS.

For this special project a team of graduated digital design graduates were assembled and given access to equipment and a special computer lab for what was at the time a top-secret project known strictly as ‘Project Vancouver’. The students were Jeanette Seah, Matt Simon, Christopher Harrell, Shawn Hight, Kasey Lum, and Nate Slaco. Jenny Bourne, a recent grad from the Entertainment Business Management program was added to the team to help with production. You can read about her contribution on the blog here.

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Vancouver: Wonders Start Here

The video embedded below is the result of tireless efforts by Entertainment Business Management grad Jenny Bourne and an extremely talented team of Digital Design grads including Jeanette Seah, Matt Simon, Nate Slaco, Shawn Hight, Chris Harrell, and Kasey Lum.

Sponsored by Microsoft Canada, the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, the BC Technology Industry Association, and the BC Innovation Council, ‘Vancouver: Wonders Start Here’ was initially inspired by a conversation between Vancouver-based technology executive, marketer, and entrepreneur Ian Bell and the Site Director of the Microsoft Canada Development Centre, Dennis Pilarinos.
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Google Voice: Behind-the-Scenes Goodness

As we mentioned this morning, Digital Design grads and all-around awesome designers Jorge R. Canedo Estrada and Kasey Lum were responsible for creating the video What Is Google Voice? to lead off a series of videos (by Google) explaining the service.

You can read more about it here.

But as an added bonus, Jorge is teasing us this afternoon with a few behind-the-scenes shots on his blog. Check it out!

Digital Design Grads Create Google Voice Video

They only just graduated from VFS Digital Design this past December, and Kasey Lum and Jorge R. Canedo Estrada (aka Jr.canest) have already had a hand in a high-profile project for Google. You can read more about it here.

Today, Google launched a series of videos explaining its Google Voice service. Kasey and Jorge were responsible for creating the overview video we’ve embedded below – you know, the big one that introduces everything Google Voice is about.

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