Motion Machine Commotion

A new year and a new Digital Design class has started. What better way to kick off term 1 than by participating in the Motion Machine team building exercise that is part of Project Management? The students are given a box of dollar store objects and a mission: keep a marble moving along a course for as long a time as possible, with it ending up falling into an egg cup. Armed with plastic necklaces, dominoes, bendy straws, a roll of toilet tissue and other priceless objects, teams compete to create the best design to meet the goal. Upon completion, the teams analyze their designs for strengths and weaknesses and process key team dynamic components — How were design decisions made? How were disagreements resolved? How was leadership determined? Did team members contribute equally to the vision and how did they each fare when it came to implementation?

There were stellar results this time around and we could all tell as the whoops, whistles and cheers echoed throughout the building! Check out the pix…

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