Cinemagraphs : More than a Moment

The first time I stumbled upon a cinemagraph online I knew I had found something special. This aptly phrased photograph/video hybrid was coined and created by artistic photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. It seems to break down the conventions of film and photography by intersecting the two, isolating an area, and creating the illusion of cyclical movement through sequential still images.

Now, far be it from me to generalize the feelings of every photographer, but I would venture to say that one of the reasons photography has such a large appeal and appreciation is because it allows the artist to capture an instant. A shutter snap in time. A moment that exists but once, never to be revisited. There is something very poetic about that. I find these images allow you to experience that poetry in motion as an infinite loop, holding your interest for an extended length of time. I find myself increasingly curious, the longer the images repeat. What’s her name? How long has she been sitting there? Why is she pulling off the flower petals? I want to BE there as well. The sights, the smells, the emotions. I want to know more of her story.

But, this moment is all I get.

For more examples of the cinemagraph visit Ann Street Studio.