Applied Arts Creative Excellence award winner: Kim Oxlund

DD alumnus Kim Oxlund’s work is featured in the April 2014 issue of Applied Arts. The article first outlines the process Kim went through to create his AACE (Applied Arts Creative Excellence) award-winning title sequence project, Paper War. This award is given to the top scorer in each of Applied Arts’ contest categories. Kim scored the highest in the student category. Some of Kim’s professional interactive design work is also showcased, and there is a discussion of his design inspiration.
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Review: Digital Design Talks Play / Pause

Digital Design Talks Play-Pause Myron

The Digital Design Talks presentations on Wednesday, July 18 (Play / Pause) were informative, inspiring and exciting. After a brief introduction by Senior Instructor and acting Head of Department, Myron Campbell, the night kicked off with a presentation by current Digital Design students Nicholas Maykot Ferreira and Dominik Grejc. Safe to say, the Motion Graphic piece for their Grad Project MOVA blew away the audience. It’s clear these two have a great working relationship and are clearly capable of doing great things in the future. We’ll definitely be featuring a post on their project here on OOMPH that will include the piece, as soon as it is ready.

Digital Design Talks Play-Pause Dominik & Nicholas MOVA
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Play / Pause : Digital Design Talks, with Johnathon Strebly, Kim Oxlund, Nicholas Ferreira & Dominik Grejc

Banner for Digital Design Talks

It’s that time of the term again: Digital Design Talks is here and the theme this time is Play / Pause — with a focus on Motion Design.

Our speakers include the VP Education from the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC BC), Johnathon Vaughn Strebly as well as Digital Design alumnus, Kim Oxlund and current Digital Design students, Nicholas Maykot Ferreira and Dominik Grejc

Here are few more details about their respective backgrounds:

Johnathan Strebly Johnathon Vaughn Strebly brings a diverse range of experience and knowledge from Photography, Design and Education. As head of Electronic Media Design, Digital Media, and Communication Arts at Langara College, he is deeply involved in the rich visual media available today. As principal and creative director of his own studio, he extends his professional business experiences and industry awareness to the academic environment. Having served two terms as President of CAPIC Vancouver and VP of Business Practices, CAPIC National, he is proud to continue his association with professional organizations as VP Education for the GDC/BC Executive Board.

Kim Oxlund

Kim Oxlund grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. He started playing piano at 10, guitar at 13, and by 15 he was sneaking into the computer room at school to sit and draw circles and squares in Paintbrush. His talent made him one of the most interesting students to watch during his time of study at VFS. His design approach is simple: it’s all about emotion. He wants to make people feel something, whether it’s a website, a motion graphic piece or a piece of music. This is his design philosophy: “If my work can make you stop and forget about your daily routine, even if it’s just for a moment, my mission is accomplished.”

Dominik Grejc Dominik Grejc is from Krakow, Poland. His passion for film and storytelling first led him to become a Video Editor. But he also started making short movies and doing other kinds of freelance work. Then he decided to take an art course to help develop his creative skills further. After a few years, his arts eduction evolved into a fascination with Motion Graphics, which brought him to VFS, where he is currently a senior student in the Digital Design Program. In his free time, Dominik enjoys swimming, traveling and learning about new cultures.


Everything started when Nicholas Maykot Ferreira got his first camera and began to record videos of himself and his friends skateboarding. Making those short clips got him so excited about filmmaking and video editing that he decided to study Cinema at the University of Senac in São Paulo. While studying and actively looking for work in different areas of the Film Industry, he one day came across Boca (Marcos Ceravolo), a Motion Designer and VFS alumnus. After gaining more experience in the industry, he finally got a chance to work with Boca. At that time, Boca was the Art Director at New Content, a production company and publisher of customized content. Nicholas quotes: “Boca’s work inspired me so much and made me motivated to not stop when I am stuck and work on my creativity even more. I enjoyed and learned so much working with him. I believe that Motion Design is a powerful environment to convey a message, it gives us a chance to make our lives more interesting. This was one of the main reasons that made me to decided to come to VFS, to keep extending my knowledge in Motion Design, especially the conceptual idea behind each project.”

Come listen to these interesting and engaging guest speakers at our  Digital Design Talks night on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 4:30pm  in the Main Theatre at 420 Homer Street. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of designers there!

The Little Mermaid Surfaces at Screamfest!


The Little Mermaid‘, one of the chapters of the fourth edition of the VFS Entertainment Business Management driven Compendium project, has been selected for screening at Screamfest LA (The Sundance of Horror). This is exciting news for the team of students and faculty from the various programs at VFS who poured their passion and craft into the making of this chilling and beautiful adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson tale by the same name.

Digital Design graduate Kim Oxlund‘s work on the haunting score and eerie 3D & visual effects recently garnered him the Impact Award for Technical Achievement.

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