Greatest Easter Egg Hunters, Just Did’R, And An Amazing Showcase

DD Easter Hunt Cards

Last night, April 16, 2013, VFS Digital Design put on one of the best editions of the DD Showcase yet. According to Senior Motion Design Instructor, Kyle Norby, the bar for work quality just keeps getting higher with each new class.

The evening started off with some awards for past events. First, came the awards for the greatest Easter Hunter. Digital Design decided to have a little bit of fun last Easter and planted small hollow plastic eggs all around the campus building, each one containing a different image of a staff or faculty member costumed in a suitably silly Easter-bunny type style. They then set the students out on a mission to find the complete set. The first three people (or teams) to find the full set won a prize. The tough part was, there were only 3 of one the images to be found. But even if you didn’t get the full set, there was always the possibility of finding the “wild egg” of Darren McQuaid, which promptly got you a chocolate bunny.

Greatest Easter Egg Hunters

Pictured, from left to right: Antonio Augusto Braz Dos Santos, Kayla Cherkas, Kyle Vandekleut and Craig Wilson

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The First-Ever 45hr SLAM Awards : Results

SLAM 45hr March 2013

The first ever Digital Design 45hr SLAM came to a close on Friday, March 22nd, 2013 with presentations by the seven teams, which was followed by judging and the presentation of awards. The judges were Digital Design Head Of Department, Miles Nurse, Senior Instructor Kyle Norby, Teaching Assistant Thomas McKeen, and as a special guest judge: Digital Design alumnus and Futurebrand designer, Luis Francisco Baroni Coutinho. When it came time to pick winners, however, the judges found it very difficult to choose among the teams, given that the quality of both their work and presentations were so exceptional.

Everyone involved — the judges and the participants — agreed that this was an amazing SLAM, and the best format to use for it going forward.

HOD Miles Nurse was quite impressed and has this to say about the event: “Students today are faced with a rapidly expanding red ocean, where finding blue ocean strategies and opportunities is becoming increasingly difficult. Creating a malleable design process is key to being successful in today’s digital enterprises. Students must ideate, refine, design, pivot and deploy projects in a very short period under tight design constraints. The Digital Design SLAM provides students with the opportunity to innovate processes and identify their strengths, while embracing the mantra of Fail Fast.”

“Our first 45hr SLAM was a huge success, where students displayed a fabulous amount of integrated thinking, while creating beautiful identities, interactive and motion design projects. But most importantly, they collaborated, pollinated, and strengthened their bonds as digital designers.”

Here are the Award (designed by Digital Media Specialist Danny Chan) winners for the first-ever 45hr SLAM :

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Digital Design Talks : Futurists — Plus, The 45 Hour SLAM Brief!

Digital Design Talks : Futurists Poster

On Wednesday March 22nd, 2013, Digital Design presented another in its series of guest speaker presentations: Digital Design Talks. The theme for this edition of Digital Design Talks was Futurists. The featured speakers were Erian Trotland and Bill Mainguy.

Storytelling Slide

First up was Digital Design Grad (19th graduating class) and VFX Artist at Gloo Studios Inc., Erian Trotland, who spoke about the central importance of Storytelling and about getting inspiration from unlikely places. As an example, he showed a sheet of his doodles done during a brainstorm, and pointed out that what may look like chaos to someone else is actually an idiosyncratic communication system for developing your own creative ideas. He recommends cultivating these idiosyncratic systems for stimulating your own creative ideas.
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Digital Design 2012 Summer Intensive Redux

Still from Sebastian's Summer Intensive Motion piece

Last July (16-20) VFS Digital Design ran it’s Summer Intensive Program, and I sat in for a first hand look into the student experience. I soon discovered that the program was aptly titled — it was indeed intense — but it was also engaging and exciting, and a lot of fun. The students definitely got into producing their projects, and they also appreciated having the opportunity to meet and work with students who are currently in the full-time program (by way of the Digital Design SLAM, which mixed students at three different stages of the full-time program with Summer Intensive students, as well as with students from the Foundation Program).

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Digital Design Summer Intensive : Superhero Super Work

Superhero Emblems Jimena

Day 4 of the Summer Intensive started with Senior Instructor Myron Campbell introducing himself, showing some of his incredible work, and giving the students an overview of the full Digital Design Program, including some amazing examples of work by former students from the three main streams: Communication Design, Motion Design and Interactive Design. The Summer Intensive students have been focusing their efforts on Motion Design, but they were interested in a fuller picture of the program. Some stuck around afterwards for a more informal Q & A with Myron — and from the tenor of the discussion, it looks like we might be seeing more of them in the future. From the way they’ve been devloping their projects over the last intense 4 days, it’s clear that they’re as committed to learning the necessary tools and techniques as they are in having fun with them.

Superhero Pose Melissa
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