In the classroom : Painting with light

Students create class homage with light

We had a lot of fun last week in Experimental Practices. This course is a term 5 elective and focuses on implementing experimentation into your creative process. With the help of photographer extraordinaire, Danny Chan, this lesson focuses on in-camera practical effects — primarily, painting with light. The light source in all the photos were from various flashlights and LED bicycle lights, along with various smart-phone apps to create these light-graffiti compositions. This was another exercise to force students to think beyond digital tools and see what they can achieve with a more traditional approach.
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VFS Digital Design Grads Glow with LED’t Glo

We’re loving the latest collaboration by a host of VFS Digital Design grads from various but recent graduating classes. LED’t Glo is a light painting, stop motion experiment with a lot of heart. Ehab Kamal, Jamie Shay, Eli Trevino, Ana Mendez, Merve Ayomak, Arcelia Ocana M, Chris De La Rocha, Karen Poon, Yooheum Ko we’re so proud of you! And a special shout out to faculty member Danny Chan and Bun Lee at Motion Soup for their participation.