Branding 1: Understanding brands & their impact on our lives

Branding 1 Presentations

Students from VFS Digital Design course Branding 1 recently presented some of their work, and it certainly shows how well they’ve taken to the ideas!

Branding on Truck
The course provides students with a deep understanding of brands and their impact on our lives. It gives them the opportunity to research, plan and create a new brand, and are challenged to consider that brand’s relevance for its target audience.

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A Brand New Day in Digital Design

For this Term 4 Branding 2 course, Digital Design students were given a challenging brief. We asked them to choose one of three real companies to re-brand. However, these were not official briefs so the extraordinary results were based on student exploration. Through research and analysis, each student developed a strategy and concept, the logo and all of the assets for various applications of the brand.