Branding 2 : Story and Solution

Slide for Mariana Rodriguez Branding 2 Project Re-Set

I sat in on VFS Digital Design Instructor Maria Kennedy’s Branding 2 class, where students were presenting their work, and I was quite impressed with the results. The presentations were presided over by Digital Design instructor Karen Whistler, Senior Instructor and acting Head of Department, Myron Campbell, and Program Manager, Sholeh Atash. The feedback was encouraging, yet critical in a constructive way, highlighting the strengths of each student’s work and outlining ways to address inconsistencies and ensure more cohesion in the application of the brand essence, while also guiding them in the art of presentation itself.

Laura Cortes Bus Shelter images for Gallery Branding

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Branding the Cozina Foodtruck : Traditional Portuguese Snacks

Empada Chicken Pie

When VFS Instructor Maria Kennedy assigned us our project for Branding 01 (Term 03), I immediately started creating ideas and producing images in my mind. The brief was to create a Food Truck that would be placed in Victoria Square (West Hastings & Cambie) targeted at VFS students and workers from around the area. I knew I wanted to create something unique — something that couldn’t be found anywhere else in Vancouver.

Being from Portugal gave me a lot of inspiration, because European culture (especially Mediterranean) is already distinct. And when it comes to food, the Southern Countries have a really rich cuisine. So I realized that if I did something related to Portugal, it would definitely be unique.

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Hot For Teacher: Maria Kennedy to Lead Grey Vancouver

Being an “Idea Maker” is what it’s all about in our industry. We can think of no one more accomplished and talented at seeding and nurturing ideas than Branding Instructor, Maria Kennedy. Term after term, she wows our students by showing them what’s possible in the realm of design, and transforming their careers, in the process, by making them better communicators.

We are very proud to celebrate Maria’s most recent success — she has been named Managing Director/National Design Director of Grey Vancouver. In her new role, Maria will be responsible for Grey’s creative output across all disciplines in Vancouver.

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Seeding Ideas in Berlin – Part 2

I just recently attended the conference, Typo Berlin, to recharge my creative batteries. It’s always amazing what you can absorb and learn in a few days at a conference, it’s as if the act of sitting and really listening allows the information to infiltrate and sink in.

Typo Berlin's Incredible on-site bookstore

The theme of the conference is “shift”, and most of the speakers are weaving this notion through their presentations. From shifting in media, to print segueing tablet, to shifting disciplines, each story is interesting and can be thought about when it comes to my own or our own situations. The conference organizers will shortly have podcasts available of the main hall speakers, they are available to view at I won’t go into detail about what each of them spoke about, but rather I will give you my top inspirations.

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Seeding Ideas in Berlin – Part 1

Hello from Berlin!

I’m here for the TYPO BERLIN 11, Europe’s biggest graphic design conference, happening over the next 3 days, May 18-21. I arrived a little early to spend some time here and get over the invariable jet lag. People from all over Europe, and even a few brave North Americans, came here. This year’s attendance is about 1000 people. That’s a lot of designers. A lot of black.

Welcome to Berlin, all creative people!

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