Martin Klimas : What Does Music Look Like?

Music is beautiful to the eyes and ears. And the feeling that develops deep inside, when you listen to a song that’s perfect for your mood, feels so amazing — it’s like a dream. Everyday we listen to music, on the radio or our iPods, or even in films. But has anyone ever thought of what music looks like? Martin Klimas has.

Martin Klimas found the answer to the question, “What does music look like?” He spent six months and took 1000 photographic shots to find out. He put different colors on top of a translucent piece of plastic, which sat over the diaphragm of a speaker, and turned up the volume. The vibrations from the music make the paint dance in a way that is beautiful, and looks almost modeled. Klimas likes to use artists like Pink Floyd, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix to get different patterns and sculptures. It’s an inspiration to take such a simple idea and turn it into something so interesting.