Nice little boxing teaser : Tony Pep

Still from boxing documentary

Over the 4-day term-break I helped my boxing coach, Tony Pep, make a teaser to promote his gym and an upcoming documentary that I want to create about his life. Tony was born and raised in the mean streets of East Vancouver and started boxing early. With hard work, and some good luck, Tony Pep managed to work his way up to the top, with fights against both Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton. He  held both the IBO Lightweight and Canadian Boxing Championship belts for a few years. Enjoy!

Alphabet on Ice – Kim Oxlund

Alphabet On Ice

Alphabet on Ice is Digital Design graduate Kim Oxlund‘s term 2 Typography project. The course asked students to select a typeface, research it, then create and present a specimen (a work that shows the range of the type in use). Kim Oxlund took the assignment to a new level by selecting a typeface that can only be found in an alphabetic ice-cube tray. Using time-lapse photography and custom lighting he filmed the ice melting. He then reversed the footage and added a playful original score to create a unique exploration of type.

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