Creative Beginnings : Meet Cristina

Creative Beginnings Meet Cristina

April brought in a new, exciting and diverse group of students to join us here at VFS Digital Design! Throughout their program year, OOMPH will be featuring stories about their creative process, their inspirations and their development into Professional Digital Designers. 

Creative Beginnings features five students, a different one each week, from a variety of backgrounds, who offer up their initial impressions, their goals, hopes and dreams — and also tell us how they have fun! Follow along as these students develop and grow into the next Industry Creatives. Every Tuesday for five weeks, we will showcase one of them in Q&A format with a photo taken by our very own Danny Chan.

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June 12 : Cristina Bucardo shares her passion for art, music and fashion
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Name: Cristina
Age: 19
From: Mexico
Background: I’ve been involved in a little bit of everything, such as film production, visual communication, graphic design, and art direction programs. I’ve worked for two design agencies as a freelancer, doing things like video editing, photography, and political cartoons. But my passion will always be art. I’m involved in several cultural associations in Mexico that recognize my work as a Visual artist. I exhibited my work recently in the Mexican museum MUJAM and in the Casino Metropolitano of Mexico.
I would love to work as an art director either in the music, or fashion industry. And I definitely want to keep improving my career as a visual artist.

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