Review: Digital Design Talks Play / Pause

Digital Design Talks Play-Pause Myron

The Digital Design Talks presentations on Wednesday, July 18 (Play / Pause) were informative, inspiring and exciting. After a brief introduction by Senior Instructor and acting Head of Department, Myron Campbell, the night kicked off with a presentation by current Digital Design students Nicholas Maykot Ferreira and Dominik Grejc. Safe to say, the Motion Graphic piece for their Grad Project MOVA blew away the audience. It’s clear these two have a great working relationship and are clearly capable of doing great things in the future. We’ll definitely be featuring a post on their project here on OOMPH that will include the piece, as soon as it is ready.

Digital Design Talks Play-Pause Dominik & Nicholas MOVA
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Digital Design Summer Intensive : Superhero Super Work

Superhero Emblems Jimena

Day 4 of the Summer Intensive started with Senior Instructor Myron Campbell introducing himself, showing some of his incredible work, and giving the students an overview of the full Digital Design Program, including some amazing examples of work by former students from the three main streams: Communication Design, Motion Design and Interactive Design. The Summer Intensive students have been focusing their efforts on Motion Design, but they were interested in a fuller picture of the program. Some stuck around afterwards for a more informal Q & A with Myron — and from the tenor of the discussion, it looks like we might be seeing more of them in the future. From the way they’ve been devloping their projects over the last intense 4 days, it’s clear that they’re as committed to learning the necessary tools and techniques as they are in having fun with them.

Superhero Pose Melissa
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Digital Design Summer Intensive : The Superhero Branding Element

Moustache Man

Day 3 of the Digital Design Summer Intensive started with a tutorial in Photoshop, lead by Senior Instructor Myron Campbell, with help by Teaching Assitant Thomas McKeen. After a brief but comprehensive introduction to the interface, including a rundown of some of the critical tools that would be needed for the excercise, as well as some handy tips for working with a smoother flow (e.g., good keyboard shortcuts for managing your workspace and quick toggling between tools), Myron guided the students in the next phase of their project (Branding a Superhero), which was creating a background using Masking and Blending techniques. Later, the results would be used in the After Effects workshop as backgrounds for their Superhero Motion piece, where they would demonstrate their character’s special pose and super power, as is shown above with the awesome Mustache Man.
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Digital Design Summer Intensive : Branding A Superhero

VFS Summer Intensives Banner

The VFS Digital Design Summer Intensive is happening all this week (July 16 – July 20) and it’s off to a good start. The focus is Motion Design, and the exercise is branding yourself as a superhero. The first day started with Digital Design Instructors Myron Campbell, Kyle Norby and Student Mentor Monica Martinez giving a primer on Branding, and then getting the students to imagine themselves as either a superhero or supervillain.

Superhero Emblems Drafts

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Hot For Teacher: On Set with Digital Design Instructor Myron Campbell

Digital Design Instructor, Myron Campbell, is nearing completion on his Masters Degree in Media Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Earlier in the month, he was aided on set by photographer extraordinaire Danny Chan, VFS Makeup Alumni Sarah Elizabeth and fellow MAA Candidate, Kristina Feidrich, and we’ve got a few of the behind-the-scenes shots that went into the process.

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