2016 Predictions: The Year of Consciousness

On February 10th, Nikolas Badminton spoke at a DD Talks event titled, “2016 Predictions: The Year of Consciousness”.  Nikolas is a world-respected futurist speaker who presented his four bold predictions about how the world was changing for the current year:

  1. The Rise of the Wisdom Economy
  2. Internet of Things Becomes Responsible
  3. Facebook and Google Become Health Companies
  4. The Zero Marginal Cost Economy Gains Momentum

His insights can be found at nikolasbadminton.com. Here are some images from the event. Thanks, Nik!

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Digital Design Talks by Nikolas Badminton: 2015, A Year of Alternatives

Nikolas Badminton, Futurist and Principal, DesignCultureMind and Regional Director, North America, Freelancer.comvisited our campus recently to give a presentation on the theme of 2015, A Year of Alternatives as part of our regular speaker series, Digital Design Talks. He spoke about the collaborative economy, recent developments in wearables, virtual reality, and privacy issues related to our data. Here are some images from his presentation. Thanks, Nik!

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