Digital Design Case Study: Standard Scientifical Industries

Roger Dario soaks up everything. His discerning eye for the absurd gives his work a strong, unique voice most designers would trade their iMacs for.

Given the freedom to stretch out his creative tentacles — as was the case during his final project in Digital Design — Roger chose to create a brand guide that would detail the visual guidelines for a ludicrous, fictional conglomerate of three separate but equally whimsical industrial companies.

As with fellow grad Ileana Hierro, Roger was in the position of a chef who must cook for guests he hasn’t met; final projects are meant to highlight each student’s specific talents to the future clients and employers they’ll meet in post-VFS life.  A strong central portfolio piece is the kind of springboard that can launch a career and exemplify the skills a student has developed throughout Digital Design’s intense one-year curriculum.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right.

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