Digital Design Talks: Mélange

The theme of our recent Digital Design Talks was Mélange — a mix of all that is wonderful and inspirational. The evening started out with a fantastic presentation by the student team of Magda Else Becker, Lina (Verna) Zhao and Feryal Khawar. They beautifully presented an overview of their Interactive Design 2 course project, Sooul — an experiential site for circus-inspired training — and revealed their rigorous and very thorough design process. Following the ladies’ presentation, was an inspirational talk by branding and design expert, Perry Chua, on the importance of visualization. Perry, the Director of Brand Design at The Shrunks and co-author of the book, Logo Savvy: Top Brand-design Firms Share their Naming and Identity Strategies, reminded us how critical it is to envision our future and how we can use visualizing techniques to ensure we stay on course to achieve our dreams.

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