Experimental Light Painting with Class 34

As part of Experimental Practices, an elective term 4 course taught by Dougal Muir, there was a fun session of light painting photography that took place last week. I helped to guide the shooting after sharing some tips on technical requirements and some sources of inspiration. We made use of a camera remote, a tripod, slow shutter speeds, gels, and various LED lights. Check out the following light painting results by Digital Design Class 34!

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Epic Light Painting

As part of Experimental Practices, an elective course in term 4 taught by Dougal Muir, there is a fun session of light painting photography that I conduct. Some of these images were from that lesson, and the rest were from another session: The other students in Digital Design Class 33 had seen the previous results and wanted to create more light paintings. We made use of a camera remote, a tripod, slow shutter speeds and various LED lights. Here are some of the epic images created as a result of our collaboration.

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Samples of My Photographic Work

In my role, I have the opportunity to shoot photos for advertising campaigns, in collaboration with the VFS Marketing department, and to cover many events at the different campuses. It is inspiring to witness the immense talent of the students and the diverse range of projects. I enjoy keeping my photography skills sharp by shooting personal and freelance projects. The past week, with the city enveloped in fog, was especially inspiring and kept the creative juices flowing. The following is a selection of images I have captured. Some of the images have been published in or featured on The Vancouver Sun, Huffington Post, Vancouver Is Awesome, The Georgia Straight, Reforma, Backstage, Applied Arts, HOW Magazine, and BCBusiness. I apply the same photographic techniques I teach in the term one Motion Design camera lessons of using traditional principles of composition.

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Experimental Light Painting

Myron Campbell teaches an elective Experimental Practices course in the second half of the Digital Design program that focuses on fostering creativity. The lessons encourage the process of implementing experimentation to create source material for further digital manipulation. I help with the technical setup for a particular lesson involving in-camera photo effects such as light graffiti and multiple exposures. By using slow shutter speeds and various light sources, we can capture light trails and make use of painting with light to expose select parts of the subject. This class is always fun to be a part of.

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Experimental Light Painting Photography

What do you get when you combine teamwork, imagination, and long-exposure photography? Well, you get stunning light painting images that are sure to attract your attention. It is always fun to be a part of the in-camera practical effects lesson in Experimental Practices, a course taught by Myron Campbell. Students step away from the computer and create light graffiti images using a variety of light sources that include LED flashlights and smartphone apps.

The students are first grouped into teams, and they pre-visualize their compositions. They then work to create their images by using their light sources in a dark room, like paint brushes, to selectively reveal the characters in the shots by illuminating them. Interesting light patterns are captured in their shots by using slow shutter speeds. By adjusting the speeds of their movements, different effects can be achieved. The students also experiment with multiple exposures as another technique in this class.

Check out the light painting results below!