Kevin Russ : Traveling Photographer

video still of kevin russ

As a person who likes photography, I generally hate Instagram, but after watching a short documentary on photographer Kevin Russ, I was blown away.

Kevin Russ has been driving across America taking some incredible photographs with just his iPhone. It really goes to show that it’s not always about the equipment, but rather, the photographer.

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Martin Klimas : What Does Music Look Like?

Music is beautiful to the eyes and ears. And the feeling that develops deep inside, when you listen to a song that’s perfect for your mood, feels so amazing — it’s like a dream. Everyday we listen to music, on the radio or our iPods, or even in films. But has anyone ever thought of what music looks like? Martin Klimas has.

Martin Klimas found the answer to the question, “What does music look like?” He spent six months and took 1000 photographic shots to find out. He put different colors on top of a translucent piece of plastic, which sat over the diaphragm of a speaker, and turned up the volume. The vibrations from the music make the paint dance in a way that is beautiful, and looks almost modeled. Klimas likes to use artists like Pink Floyd, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix to get different patterns and sculptures. It’s an inspiration to take such a simple idea and turn it into something so interesting.


In the classroom : Painting with light

Students create class homage with light

We had a lot of fun last week in Experimental Practices. This course is a term 5 elective and focuses on implementing experimentation into your creative process. With the help of photographer extraordinaire, Danny Chan, this lesson focuses on in-camera practical effects — primarily, painting with light. The light source in all the photos were from various flashlights and LED bicycle lights, along with various smart-phone apps to create these light-graffiti compositions. This was another exercise to force students to think beyond digital tools and see what they can achieve with a more traditional approach.
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The Inspirational Work of Mexican Photographer Victor de la Cueva

Victor Cuerva Photograph

When I need to think about inspiration it helps me to remember all the good moments I have lived through in my life — especially all the amazing people I have met and the good friendships I have made. These friendships started a few years ago during university years, when we first dreamt of being professionals and finding a nice job, doing what we love — and now all those dreams have become true.

Victor de la Cueva is a young Mexican artistic photographer whose work I find to be completely amazing. His personality and unique style are all reflected in his work. His passion for photography and his love for framing all kinds of people make his photos unique and exquisite to view. At just 23 years old, he is very talented, and he has already participated in some exhibits and been the subject of documentaries and magazines.
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Ben Heine, Pencil vs Photograph : “illusion, dream, poetry, magic and simplicity”

Pencil Vs Camera - 57 by Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a visual artist who takes photographs and then makes drawings to overlay on top of them to alter their subject or environment. He overlays the drawing in a specific area of the photo, and then takes another photo of both the drawing and his hand holding it in place. The original photographs are already beautiful and sometimes rather other worldly, but the addition of his drawing,  as a sort of — on the one hand, playful comment or interpretation of the scene — and on the other hand, as an extension or augmentation of perceptual reality — creates an effect that is at once familiar and disassociating. It’s remarkable how, by his placing two 2D elements together, he manages to produce a kind of 3D “pop-up” book effect.

Pencil Vs Camera - 68
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