A Guide to UX Careers

The folks over at Onward Search created a great infographic on User Experience (UX) careers. User Experience is taught over the entire year at VFS Digital Design and is one of the largest growing fields in the interactive industry. The guide provided by Onward Search gives designers insight into User Experience careers, salaries, job descriptions and responsibilities.

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The Family Tree

Recent Digital Design graduate, Michael Meng, emailed me today to share an interesting infographic he came across online — The Ad Agency Bloodline.

Created by the Barbarian Group for the folks at creative talent recruitment agency, Vitamin T, this graphic visualizes the launches, mergers and acquisitions, since the 1800′s, of the big ad agency players. In our Industry & Career Preparation course, we often discuss the history and evolution of the advertising industry, so Michael thought this data visualization would be a great educational tool. Thank you, Michael! And thank you, Vitamin T!