Hello My Name Is Ricard Adrianza

Hello My Name Is Ricard Adrianza

The VFS Digital Design Program is pleased to welcome our new 2D Graphics instructor Ricard Adrianza.

Ricard Adrianza was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He has a degree in Social Communication with a major in Advertising and Public Relation. For the past seven years he has been running his own design studio, working for brands such as Bodegas Pomar, Redbull, Converse, William Grant & Sons and PepsiCo.

Besides design, Ricard is also a passionate musician. He has worked as an independent music artist composing and creating sound effects for TV, radio and video games. You can hear some of his creations in titles like ER Mania, Killer Whale, and Lt Fly I & II from Teravision Games.

Since completing his education in the VFS Digital Design Program, Ricard has been working as an interactive designer in Vancouver’s game industry and he is eager to share his experience with the students.

Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart : Ricard Adrianza

Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart

Ricard Adrianza, who was part of the 23rd graduating class of Digital Design, is the latest intern at Ayogo Games, who have a partnership program with Digital Design  — the Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart. After seeing his work at our Industry Night Event, Appetizers, Ayogo included Ricard as one of their top candidates, and after an interview process, they chose him as their latest Interactive Design Intern. It’s not hard to see why — while in the program Ricard produced work that was outstanding and inventive. Just have a look at his portfolio to see for yourself.

Ricard at workstation at Ayogo Games

We caught up with Ricard to get a first hand account of his experience as an Interactive Design intern at Ayogo games.

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